Ceramic bearings or steel bearings ?

//Ceramic bearings or steel bearings ?

Ceramic bearings or steel bearings ?

Ceramic ball bearings offer many advantages over steel ball bearings:

  •  The main advantage of ceramic ball bearings is the coefficient of friction which is much lower than the coefficient of friction of steel balls, up to 10 times less frictions ! This is due to the weight of the ceramic balls. Since the ceramic balls are lighter than steel balls then it takes less energy to move them.
  • The ceramic balls can operate at very high speeds without wobbling as they have a greater margin of acceleration. These two advantages are mainly due to the rigidity of the ceramic bearings and the fact that the ceramic is less thermally conductive as compared to steel. It is for this reason that, when rotating, ceramic ball do not reach very high temperatures and do not dilate, their behavior is more homogeneous. Similarly, the resistance of the walls of the ceramic is smoother and therefore the ride is much smoother as the coefficient of friction is much lower.

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  • The ceramic is very resistant to oxidation. So his life is far greater than that of steel bearings. Therefore, ceramic balls retain their ride characteristics much longer and kilometers than steel.
  • Ceramic balls do not have the same need for maintenance because the steel balls operate correctly even with very small quantities of fine oil.
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