Carbon wheels versus aluminum wheels

//Carbon wheels versus aluminum wheels

Carbon wheels versus aluminum wheels

One of the main concerns of cyclists, whether professional or amateur, is to be able to count on a bike that is both robust in time and as light as possible. The goal of most cyclists is to gain speed without putting in danger their physical integrity. And one of the most important components of the bike is, without a doubt, the one that is in contact with the ground. In this respect, carbon wheels are, certainly, the ideal solution. The alternative are the aluminum wheels, so it is interesting that we make a comparison between the two types, although we can already say that carbon wins over aluminum.

Carbon or aluminum wheels ?

Lightness: for a cyclist it is fundamental that his bike is as light as possible because, thanks to it, he can improve his speed while achieving less effort. Carbon being lighter than aluminum the choice is quickly made.

Safety: the carbon is very rigid and that, on the one hand, carbon rims require fewer spokes and, on the other hand, they do not deform when rolling or during braking. Thanks to this we obtain a greater security as well as a more flexible, stable and pleasant behavior.

Aerodynamics: it should be noted that between the two materials, the carbon has a greater malleability. In other words, it can be molded and, therefore, it gives the bike greater aerodynamics. In this way, it also increases the speed of pedaling. Similarly, to deal with the crosswind, the smaller the carbon wheel, the better.

Longevity: it goes without saying, that at the ground contact, the wheels are the elements of the bike that suffer and wear out the most. Therefore, it is necessary that they are robust and between the two materials it is the carbon that prevails over the aluminum.

Price: although aluminum wheels are cheaper, we must take into account the previous aspect. So, if a wheel lasts longer, even if its price is higher, it may be more profitable to buy it.

Design: Although this does not affect the safety or performance of the bike, the aesthetic is also important for cycling enthusiasts and professionals. And, in this sense, carbon wheels offer really attractive designs.

In conclusion, we can say that the aluminum wheels represented an important advance at the time of their appearance to improve the possibilities of the bike. However, the arrival of carbon wheels has led to a new era in cycling. Thanks to them, the bikes have gained in lightness, safety, aerodynamics, design and even in elegance. In this way, the generous efforts our cyclists make on their bike are better rewarded while minimizing the risks of the road.

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