Advantages of carbon wheels

//Advantages of carbon wheels

Advantages of carbon wheels

The wheels are among the most important components of a bike. Most of the wheels are made of aluminum but wheels made of carbon fiber are more and more present. They are your “wings” and that is why quality ones are fundamental for your performance.

The wheels are one of the most requested improvements to specialists. Amateurs and professionals of this sport always want to improve time and performance. For that, having good wheels is a vital factor.

The carbon ones have more and more followers due to their benefits. That is precisely what is going to be analyzed, the advantages of carbon in the rims of a bicycle.

Advantages of carbon wheels

The weight

Carbon fiber is a material that weighs very little, so it saves the cyclist a weight that can be very important. This gain was initially possible with the alloy but today the carbon wheels do not reach the kilo and a half.


The wheels of this material are more aerodynamic and the reason is that carbon is easily molded. This feature allows the bicycle to be lighter and give better results against the wind.


The carbon wheels have a lot of rigidity and strength. Carbon is very hard, so you can reduce the number of spokes. This is a very important factor if you are looking for bike performance.


The high profile carbon wheels are more aerodynamic, but for crosswind a smaller size is better. Everything depends on the needs of the cyclist.


Carbon wheels improve bikes. If the cyclist wants to improve the resistance, aerodynamics, weight or improve the design of the bike, they are appropriate. They improve the performance of the bike and there are enough carbon wheel types to adapt to the needs of each one.

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