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Advantages of carbon wheels

The wheels are among the most important components of a bike. Most of the wheels are made of aluminum but wheels made of carbon fiber are more and more present. They are your "wings" and that is why quality ones are fundamental for your performance. The wheels are one of the most requested improvements to specialists. Amateurs and [...]

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Technological doping in cycling, a new way of cheating

Doping is one of the most controversial aspects of the sport as it has the ability to transform the heroes into villains. It inevitably leads to social rejection and extends to many disciplines, although some of them, such as cycling, were certainly more involved than others, or at least their cases were the most significant or most [...]

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How to hydrate yourself in an IronMan

The correct hydration is an issue that all athletes have taken into account, for the correct performance of their activities. In long trials, as in an IronMan, a correct hydration is even more relevant, since this type of tests are very demanding and you have to be fully prepared to face them. In addition, it is also vital to ingest [...]

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